In2 the era of blogging phenomenal ~ It’s gone blog-a-tastic

Let us take a moment to marvel on how the creation of internet has changed our life forever, or in greater depth changed the world forever!!!!! ——————————————————————————————————————–

Lately I have come across quite a few articles in magazines and newspapers about blogging, and how immensely popular it has become. ((oh and just in case you have not heard WordPress IS the most popular and used blogging site.. A-Wohoo….)) In that something that started off so simple has transformed so many people’s life.

In some more than others, for example there are people making a living from their blogs (so cool and lucky for them), for some blogging has been like therapeutic sessions ( with several additonal advantages of course, such as not costing a bucket load, and you can have the “sessions” in the comfort of your own home or whenever and wherever it suits you.hehe), those that have “found themselves whilst blogging”,  those that have made friends through blogging, those that have learnt things through reading other blogs, the list goes on…………………

Internet has provided a platform for endless things, one of which being the blogging phenomenal. It’s blog-a-tastic. I think to some extent blogging has changed me. I would say I blog at least once a week, sometimes a bit more if I have time. I find that blogging is an easy way of putting down thoughts, ideas or interesting things that happen and know that it will be kept safe and I would be able to search and look back at the events at a click of a button(or sometimes a few buttons =p) , furthermore I can share ideas and thoughts with others, and vice-a-versa.

So I guess I can safely say we ARE now in a new era where blogging has taken over so many people’s life. I’m quite sure a huge percentage of people blog, whether it’s on a blogging site, in the form of twitter or on facebook. We all do it, even when people say they don’t, they are probably a secret blogger. ;p Haha

So I would like to applaud the creation of blogging, its great, hence why I have today decided to do a post completely dedicated to it. Hehe!

If you happen to be reading this post then I dare to assume that you are a blogger. And would like to ask you what do you blog about? and whether you think blogging has changed you and how! ^_^

Oh and if you read this post and you are not a blogger then I also would like to ask you how comes? hehe

Anyhow whether your a blogger or a non blogger hope you enjoyed this post. Bye bye for now……………


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