I heard a very motivating story:

From a young age you grew up in a single parent family, you had to move around a lot, no stability, huge responsibilities. As you grew up things got a little easier, you got fame and money. But the one you loved most pushed you right off the edge. You tried your best to do your bit but it just got way over your head, they were asking too much from you. You felt like you could no longer go on, you wanted to give up, to end your life. You lost all faith in yourself and in life. You never could have imagine this could all turn around, that you can find happiness. I think you never even dreamt that you would have a life like you are having now. If you had not thought of ending your life, then you would not have found the main reason for life, and the changing point in your life. This was God. In you finding God, gave you a purpose in life, created a new path. For this reason I believe everything in life happens for a reason. Whether it’s a bad or good experience, it happened for a reason, even if it does not seem clear at that precise time it will become clear in the future.

As a result of you not ending your life, because you found God, you have lived on, and hence have been able to help others with your story and actions.

A bad start, a hard path does not mean it can’t get better. To believe in yourself, to have faith in God will help you find your true path…….. Because in you I found something. “hope” ^_^

我很開心你找到 幸福因為你經歷很多生命中的高和低但依然沒有放棄.
是你不知不覺地讓我相信世界上還有希望. 是主給我這個世界上找不到的一份愛!
because of everything you have been through and you was still able to find yourself, find someone you love, have faith, hope and belief this has enabled me to believe there will always be hope in this world. Your actions, belief and life has given me something so valuable.從我心低下想對你說一句”真的很多謝你”


2 Responses to “Believe”

  1. “A bad start, a hard path does not mean it cant get better. To believe in yourself, to have faith in God will help you find your true path.”

    Inspirational words. Well said.

  2. vixstar1314 Says:

    Thanks for your comment slamdunk…much appreciated 😀
    popped on your site too, quite a inspiring site you have too..

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