Favourite Songs

Just suddenly wanted to write a post of lists of some of my favourite songs:

(not in any particular orders, just order they enter into my mind,lol)

* Bess Rogers ~ See Me See You

* Evanescene ~ My Immortal

* Kelly Clarkson ~ Because of you

* Eminem ~ Till I Collapse

* Enrique Iglesias ~ Hero

* Balletine ~ It’s got to be you

* Linkin Park ~ Leave out All the rest

* Lea Salonga ~ Reflection

* Michael Jackson ~ Smooth Criminal, You are not alone, Earth song

* Bonnie Tyler – Total Eclipse of the Heart

* Shania Twain ~ Your Still the one

*  Britney Spears ~ Break the ice

* Eminem ~ 3am

* Britney Spears ~ Not a girl not yet a woman

* Red Hot Chilli Peppers ~ Zephryr Song

* Robbie Williams ~ Angels

* Timbaland ~ Apologize

* Lady GaGa ~ Papparazi, Bad Romance

* and of course many many more


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