“100th post”

After 2 years, I am quite proud of me for keeping to blogging. I first started this blog in Jan 2008, and 2 years on and all in all I am still adding posts quite regularly. Furthermore this post is made even more special because its the 100th post.

When I first started this blog my aim was just to put down some posts of thoughts. I did not really have any ideas as to how long I would keep blogging. But to be frank I would not have thought it would be for this long. And my blog has expanded to information, games, reviews etc… Some may say 2 years, and 100 posts are not quite a lot. But for me it is!

Strangely enough, I actually remember quite clearly writing my first ever blog, I was lying on my stomach on my bed in the house I rented during my second year of uni. Now it feels like so much has changed, so much has happened. Its quite hard to comprehend.

To be honest I have gotten a lot out of blogging. It is mainly for myself, for me to have a place to almost completely put down lots of thoughts and ideas that are not always released in life. It’s different yet it’s like a true and real world of mine. It might seem to others quite strange but my blog has allowed me to loosely put it “unload.” At times when I type and release thoughts, feelings, ideas and information I feel calm, good, happy, comfortable and a sense of fulfillment in that it allows me to kind of complete my world a bit more.

So its the “9th” today, in chinese language the pronouciation of “9” sounds exactly like the word “long (in reference to time period)”… I’m not really a superstitious type of person. But as it happens to be, or call it a coincident, lets hope my blog will be like today’s date and will continue for a long time =)


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