Regardless of who, or what something is. it is different in so many ways, if it’s a person, then the person will be different depending on who they are with, what they do, the environment etc…..

If it’s an item, the item may not necessarily be as obvious, because it is futher dependent on how it’s used, the type of person using it. e.g a bottle can just be used to carry water, but if someone else uses it in a different way, the bottle may not be used to carry water anymore, but for a art object……..

When I’m with different people, I feel different things….Even though sometimes I can’t help the way I feel, would I have it any other way???

When I’m with you, I feel complete, nothing else seems to matter, when I look deep into your eyes, the comfort i get is heart warming……….But the moment we depart, I feel empty, and I miss you and your company instantly…………..I wish you did not have this control over me…….I wonder if things were different could it all run more smoothly and be ok?!

Everything is so fine,

life is treating me quite kind.

However I truly believe,

that every time you leave,

and I’m left behind,

I really do find,

that I’m completely lost without you.

If you leave me behind,

and never return I think a huge part of me would rather die.

When it rains,

I wish it could somehow wash away all the pain.

But I also know that when I look into your eyes,

everything will be just fine!


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