It’s strange how……

when something I have wanted for so long has now comes in reaching distance, yet strangely it does not feel right, I do not feel as joyful as I thought I would be……. I remember once reading something that said we should not always get our desire because then we lose the point of life. To some extent I understand that phrase. But I think people will always have desires even when you have that desire in your hands, then you will move towards a different one…….. I guess for me I’m not totally excited about it because it is not fully in my grasp so it does not feel real yet.

Ok so this desire of mine, is that I will be going to Australia for quite a while. This has been something I always wanted to do!

Furthermore I guess I just want to leave everything here, have a break, be in a different environment, try and gain a different prospective of life. To be free, to do something different.


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