The Future…….

I use to think that if I could see into my own future, it would make life much easier!! Because at times not knowing makes everything so much more difficult. However recently I started to watch the series “FlashForward” Which is based on a majority of people in the world having a blackout, lasting 2 minutes 17 seconds, and within that time, people get a glimpse of something that happens in the future!!!  However it turns out that seeing into the future is not actually a blessing!!

The reason being, we no longer live for, right here, right now!! But we do everything right now, based on what we saw in the future. So we start worrying about the future ten times more!! So your every move evolves around the future that you saw, but which might not come true, if your current actions are wrong, which in turn changes everything else! So basically if we could see into our future it will most likely muck everything up, because you end up being fixated on “that future” and forgetting to live now!

So I guess not knowing sometimes is better for us, because we can just go about by doing what we think and feel is right at this point in time, and not really having to worry about the future that lies ahead, because we dont know what it is, and hence not having to worry about how our current actions can affect our future, because we can’t see or predict the future!

It is often said that our future is in our own hands! But sometimes I feel like I can’t hold onto a future that I can’t grasp or see and that I find it so much easier to hold on to my past, then to let go off my past and hold onto an invisible future. Because holding on has been something that I have got use to doing, whereas for me letting go requires more courage! I think I’ve slowly learnt that my past is something that will always be there regardless of what may happen now or in the future. The mistakes and regrets will exist, however these have shaped who I am now, and will always be apart of me, and will mould me into the person that I will be in the future!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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