Is it bad that sometimes we get too comfortable?!?!

I was sitting at work today, daydreaming.

And I think I have started to get too comfortable, and before we realize,

time falls out of our grasp.

Infrastructure barely changes,

yet something inside and around us does.

The only one thing that will never change is that

“things will ALWAYS change”

The sea may flow,

but life will always take its toll.

The sky may be blue,

but we still dont have a clue,

how the future will turn out,

and what the true meaning of life is actually really about.

Sometimes I look at my own reflection,

and look deep, deep into my own eyes and see so much inside!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2 Responses to “Is it bad that sometimes we get too comfortable?!?!”

  1. Funny…how it will only take one event to snap you right out of your comfort zone.

  2. vixstar1314 Says:

    You have a very valid point, one event/person/situation can change everything in a heart beat/second!!!!!!!

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