Scandal Pictures ~ Edison-Cecilia-Gillian-BoBo-and others!

The scandal pictures that erupted the whole chinese media. Yes the Edison-Cecilia-Sa-BoBo-and others!

This is the first and last time I’m going to talk about this:

After one year,  the news is forced back into the spot light. no one has forgotten, people are still suffering.

Cecilia Cheung was the first actress to stand out and be interviewed:

yes some of the stuff she was saying didn’t make sense,but at least she had the courage to come out to talk! To be honest what they do in their private time is their business,they are adults and understand that they have to face the consequences of their actions! I think the person in the wrong most is the person that exposed and put the pictures up in the first place! They had no right to do that!

You can’t really say Edison was completely wrong and to blame because he did not secretly take the pictures without the women’s consent, nor can you say the women were wrong! I feel very bad for all the women that were involved in this. However from the moment they took the pictures it created  the possibility of it leaking out(highly small percentage), but remember expect the unexpected. He was just very careless and they were all extremely unlucky!! It’s just because they are famous, seriously if they were not famous would anyone care about this news? Just let them get on with their life! They have learnt their lesson, we have learnt a lesson from them, so lets move on………………………………………………..


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