Student Life, Studying, University Flaws, and you……………………

Well I was in a lecture today, and as usual for a few minutes my mind wonders off into a different hemisphere……..

*falls into deep thoughts*

which at times, raises more questions than answers!!!!!!!

Anyhow, today I was trying very hard to concentrate and take in what the lecturer was talking about/ teaching/ saying!?!?! After about 50minutes, my mind wondered off….

There are just some lecturers who can’t teach…… We sit there, trying to listen and learn, trying to get our money’s worth from paying thousands of pounds in tuition fees. Yet if you put some thoughts into it;

~how many of your lecturers actually teach you???? Not many in my case ( and I think there are lots of students out there who may face the same situation.

~ when did learning no longer become stimulating? And just become something you “have” to do for the sake of it???

One of the main flaws; are lecturers just read of slides, upon slides, which ain’t even in depth. Some just talk about random things and they drift of the main topics they started of explaining!! Students loose interest and stop listening. And by the end we ask ourself what did you actually learn from that lecture?? And out of the whole lecture how many percentage of stuff did you actually take in???? Not much in my case

So there are only a few types of students:

Type 1: Hours of self studying, hitting back textbooks and self teach!!!!!!(I’m getting that first!!!!!)

Type 2:Moderate studying, and self teaching, moderate intake of uni life style

Type 3: doesn’t really care about studying, its all about Uni life style; clubbing, boozing( what the hell I’m just here to enjoy the uni life)!!!!!!

Type 4: Lucky ones that fluke? ( hardly any, and they are probably lying and are really a type 1)

Whats my point?? Well most of the students start of as type 3 (freshers year), then they move to type 2 ( second year +students)……..Majority will be type 2 because you know at the end of day you are spending thousands, and falling deep into debt even before you are earning. So you do try and want to get something out of it in the end. So you study. So the main thing it comes down to is, “you”

~ how much “you” study outside lectures, the hours “you” spend reading textbooks, we pay thousands of pounds to just read textbooks by ourself and learn from them.

85% self learning, textbook reading + 5% lectures +10% seminars

And the outcome and results does not necessarily reflect the lecturers ability but our own. Yet they get paid bucket loads. However this is not me saying they are not smart, but there is a different between smart and being able to teach, and for the students to understand what you are talking about………( so their pay is technically for their years of studying not for their teaching abilities) But I have to admit some can teach better than others, and makes it interesting!

Back to the main point:

So most part of your degree reflects “you” as a person, and what “you” want, not the university, not the lecturer…….So university ranking don’t mean THAT much.

So at the end of the day its about “you” if you study or not, your own ability!  So basically in life everything is down to “you”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We spend most our life with “with ourself”…..At night you answer to yourself, your own conscious, feelings!!

So basically you deal with yourself most of the time, and you do whats right for you. Because at the end of the day/ at night when there is no one around/ when you block out the world/ when you think, you answer to yourself.  As I type and think, it becomes bluntly and amazingly crystal clear, something has clicked that; this may sound selfish, but it is soo true. It’s all about you! think about it…

for example:

-you stop in the streets to help an old lady, your help is benefiting her but its mainly for yourself, as it makes you feel happy and you know it in advanced, it’s conditioned into your mind, innate, (you dont even realise you are thinking it) but you do something because you know later on it will have a desire/ certain impact on yourself/ how it makes you feel!!!

-you love someone, you think about them, you treat them nicely because it makes “you” feel good.

-You don’t do something because you know at the very end what you do will make you feel bad!!! Others are just the ripple effect or things that come with it as a result of how you made yourself feel.

So what it all comes down to is you, your personality, so do whats right by you!! Whether right or wrong, the main person you answer to at the very end of everything is yourself, your conscious, your feelings, your mind, your heart……………………………..

Below is a clip from friends, When Joey tells Phoebe there is no “un-selfish good good deed in the world”, ( part 3:50) and I think this is shockingly very true.

Well this post was jsut my views, So if you have any comments, experience, feel free to drop a line or two/ essay in the comment box!!! =p


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