The inter-link of everyone

We are all linked to someone, no matter who you are, and that person is linked to others, and others are linked to them this goes on for infinity, everyone in this world, one way or another is inter-linked together. And the bigger picture is that the whole world is like a big chain which has inter-linkages!!!!!!

This is what makes “one world”, no matter what country your from, what race, what background etc………there is a connection, that invisibly pulls us together…….

At times these inter-links can be suffocating when it binds us too closely to the extent we struggle to breathe with ease, however without these linkages we are nothing, no one.

We might not want to be linked in this way but there is nothing we can do about these binding linkages.


Lately I really just want to leave, maybe to escape? run away? be free? sick of most of the things right now?? explore the world?? find myself?? find the world? or all of those above!! But I know that at the moment it is not the ideal time… If only I was someone who could have the courage to up and leave. Not care about anything or anyone else, however because of these linkages I can’t. For now I have to stay put, try and do what I have to do, even if I’m not enjoying it, just bare with it for a little while then hopefully in the near future I could go off and find myself and disover the world and what I want in life!!!!!!!!!!

linkages paper-people


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