HApPY ValenTines DaY?!

Well I wanna wish everyone who might happen to land on my blog and be reading this post a Happy Valentine’s day!!!

Wikipedia defines “Valentine’s Day as a holiday celebrated on 14th Feb by many people throughout the world. In the West, it is the traditional day on which lovers express their love for each other by sending Valentine cards, presenting flower or offering confectionery.”

Is it just me or is valentine day very commercial??

someone recently said something to me that suddenly got me thinking:

” what is the point of valentines day? if you really love someone why do you need to let them know on a particular day??”

which holds a valid point!!

Anyhow I guess it has become a tradition. and with how busy the world and we as people are, i guess its good that every body comes together on one day to spend time with those they love!!

If you have managed to find someone you love, and they love you too, then treasure it! Because not everyone is so lucky!!

You may have not found someone you love, or you may have found someone you love but for certain circumstances you can’t be together, what ever reason if two people feel the same way about each other its already a great thing and you should be thankful!!!!!!!

If not keep searching, keep waiting, keep finding, and one day all the pieces will fall together and everything will be right!!


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