The complexity of the world!!!!

I’m sitting here pondering about the world……

Everything seem so much more complex as you grow up, the world seems to get more “deeper” or as we grow up we experience more things around us, which changes the way we think or feel, this in turns alter all our perspective. If you think about it in a young child’s world everything is really pure and simple. but in a adult’s this is not the case.

This quote is by Edna St. Vincent Millay and I think it is so true: “Childhood is not from birth to a certain age and at a certain age
the child is grown and puts away childish things. Childhood is the kingdom where nobody dies”

A place I thought was perfect, in that the people all got on well, environment was great. On second glance turned out not to be the case. I was childish to think that perfection exist. Conflict will always hover around us in the world we live in, and God intended for this to take place, because we as humans are not perfect. I’m someone who really hates and in turn feel extremely uncomfortable in the present of confrontation, arguments etc….. To me I always wonder why people can’t be more calm, civilised and just be nice to each other. But because I’m an adult I know that in our society and world this can never be sustained, and it hurts to know this. Wars, killings, huge fiction between people I care about, things like these sadden me immensely. I don’t understand why it affects me so much, but I’m guessing its just an innate thing. *sigh* To me people and life are symbolic in that we are each a “link” like a chain link hoop, each person is linked to someone else or linked to more than one person, and so everyone is linked to each other in the end!!!!!


One Response to “The complexity of the world!!!!”

  1. mikewalzman Says:

    I agree, being a child things appear to be more simple. These past three years for me, I’ve been practicing being in that simple place. Because it really is simple, we just like to complicate it.

    I usually don’t give advise on how someone should run their blog, but you said you wanted any suggestions, so here is my one suggestion. If you made the color of the font darker, it would be easier on the eyes and also easier to read. Just a suggestion. Either way, I like your blog : )

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