The mistakes that were made………..

It’s new year eve! And there are only a few hours to go in the UK till we enter 2009! a new year! a fresh start??

There are often times when I wish that with a click of a finger or a blink of the eye, mistakes can vanish without a trace and that I would be able to start a fresh thing! I personally think that there are different degrees of mistakes, some that are so small they are not worth mentioning, some that can be easily rectified, others, you can’t figure out “how” it could have happened, and then there are the severe ones that will scar you for life!!

Will it be possible to leave all the mistakes of this year behind and move into 2009????? I wish it was possible but I know that every mistake we make influences us in one way or another, and it is not easy for us to let go of that. But with that in mind, I will reflect on this year and the mistakes I have made, hopefully learn from it and not make the same mistakes..


Has been a relatively good year for me, there were happy and sad events, memorable things and things that I wish I could forget… As usual by this time of the year, I wonder how the year has gone by so quickly….

I hope for all that just read this a very happy 2009, and hope this one is better than the last!!!!!!

HAppY NeW YeAr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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