a few more days to xmas

Christmas is drawing closer!! This to some people is one of the most important day’s of the year!!! A time to get together with those they love, celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ!! But is christmas more about gifts and commerical now, more than anything!??!?!

When you turn on the tv around xmas time you see floods of adverts, have you realized that there are much more perfume adverts than normally?!  Have we as a society forgotten the main reason for xmas?? if you ask’s kids, most will properly say xmas is gift time!! how many know the reason behind the presents?!

I was at Oxford Circus today and there were tons upon tons of people, the quenues in shops were crazyy!!! People doing their last minute shopping!!!

But maybe I’m looking at this from the wrong point of view.. because when people buy other’s presents it means they care, which shows a strong bonds and sense of family which is what God and Jesus want!! As long as we remember our faith and family and why xmas is really important aside from the gifts then its alright!!!!


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