Internet Thoughts

The Internet has ensured that we are all just a click away from everything; shopping, online chatting, researching, banking, checking things…….

Yet with great accessibility also comes many downsides

 I read in a news site today that hundreds watched a guy commit suicide on live online…..

And a few days back there was a report on how these people pushed a young depressed girl over the edge, resulting in her hanging herself because of what they said to her over the internet……….

what is the world coming to??

But with something so big –> world wide web as its called suggest it all, how can somthing so grand be controlled, we as a world can barely control the economy, policy of our own country ( look at the credit crisis), the situations in many countries such as many dying around us in hunger and poverty how can anyone possibly handle something as big as the whole world?

Well I guess we can just hope for the time when there will be much more regulations, stricter punishments for crimes and acts committed through internet to be put in place. However the main problem with this is that in order for this to actually take place it is at the sacrifice of more life before these issues are taken more seriously. Finally I guess we should all put our faith in God, and believe that he will be able to guide us into a much safer world……

But in the mean time, use the internet wisely, even though your actions are from behind a computer/laptop there are still consquences!!


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