Snow Snow in Oct?!?!

Was in my halls yesterday…when one of my mates texted me saying it was snowing!! :S I thought it was  a joke. but when I looked out of the window. it was REALLY snowing. I was shocked, but at the same time very happy. No matter how many times I see snow it alway’s makes me amazed, its so magical and beautiful. I decided to go outside because something so beautiful should not been admired through a glass window….

So I braved the cold chill outside, but when I stepped foot outside it was all worth it. As I looked up into the dark night sky, and saw white, gentle snow fall down it was gorgeous. The mixture of darkness combined with the soft white snow was absolutely beautiful!!! ^_^

Today I read in the paper that the last time it “snowed in October was actually in 1934” how cool is that. But then again is this a sign of “global warming”?! We don’t often experience such erratic changed in the weather. Just the day before it was sunny and quite warm, then last night it snowed?

I think much more things should be done to target global warming, the huge problem is going to be the fact that when it does finally hit, the people who suffer the most will probably not be us. It would be those who are the most vulnerable, those who live in under developed countries, those who are cut off from the real world(the native people who lived in mountains and forest.) And what makes it worse is it was not even their fault. If everyone did their little bit for their world then it could delay global warming more and maybe by then scientist would have thought of ways to fix it or more energy efficient things.

Anywway would love to write more but need to start uni work.

will write more in the weekend hopefully!! ^_^


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