Started uni, its my final year!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! scaryyy!!

Huge part of me does not want to leave uni, a small part does because its all expensive!! Hmmm… honestly time has flew pass, it feels like yesterday i was just in my first year!!!

I want to enjoy my last year of uni but I know very soon all the work will kick in, and i will get buried under the books… But I also know that I have to try my very best this year, because i aint paying 3000 quid a year to do bad!!!! So i guess need to somehow manage my time!!!!!!!! *fingers cross*

Dissertation ~  very challenging, to be honest my uni has not been that helpful, the info they gave us had be presented to us relatively late and it was not even clear instructions on what we had to start doing!!! Most people were very confused, all i can do now is hope for the best!! And yes i might be quite scared of this huge “mountain” i have to climb but i’m not the only one in this boat, and i’m aiming for the sense of satisfaction of competition and knowing that I tried my best and will have no regret!!!

Hmmm… living in halls has so far been good, majority of my neighbours are cool, halls are quite nice!! quite new!! nice enviroment!!

I hope this year works out to be great in everyway!!!!


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