I’m currently in the state of limbo, waiting to find out something, not knowing is not always the best feeling in the world, I must admit!

In life I personally seek to know thing, to discover, to experience yet there are times when I’m stuck in limbo, it makes me feel less in control of my life, puzzled, confused, even scared.

Sometimes at night, when it’s nice and quiet, I look up into the skies & stars, this allow’s me to feel relaxed and recollect my thoughts, or just try to re-focus on what I really want from life. Or just to feel free, it makes me realise that the world is a really big place and one day everything will fit together and I will eventually find what it is that I came on earth to really find!!! ” to this moment in time I’m not sure what it is but I’m sure of one thing and that is God will help me!”


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