The Dark Knight

Watched the 2nd Batman movie tonight ~ the dark knight!!

Great film I give it a 4.5 out of 5!!

Majority of the people I had spoke to before I watched the film had told me this was a wicked film, but of course I had to watch it myself to decide. I was quite shocked that the cinema was jammed pack especially on a monday evening!! Luckily we still managed to get good seats near the middle!!

Well my view on the film:

-Great storyline

– Very well done graphics and special effects

– Super acting especially from Chirstian Bale and Heath Ledger

– Jammed pack action and very entertaining to watch

Characters/Actors and Actresses:

Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne ~ Very good, this time batman is much darker, and I feel he used more force and power to beat the evil characters! I think that Christian did this role better in this series than in the first movie! He did very well showing Batman/Bruce having a serious yet humorous personality, and hunky and strong person!!

Heath Ledger ~ as Joker

Many have praised Heath for his performance as the character of Joker. Some may think this was only due to the fact that he has passed away. But I can tell you for sure, that this is not the case, because Heath’s acting in this film was so good, quite chilling, and believable. It was so good it gave me goose bump because of the way he licked his lips, his body movement all made it so believeable that throughout most of the movie I did not think about Heath Ledger because i was watching Joker! This just shows how good his acting was. The film would have been one of his greatest roles and acting even if he did not pass away!! I applaud him for such a great interpretation of the joker. He also managed to make the audience laugh in a few screens. especially when he dressed up as a nurse.  imaged shown below The make up applied on him was also very  well done… He played a very good villain

Michael Craine as Alfred ~ fun to watch because he was quite funny and sweet.

The only main problem I had with the movie was that it was a bit too long (152 min ), some parts were dragged on a bit. But apart from that this film is a must watch!!!!!

R.I.P Heath Ledger! We will miss you!

Some pictures from the film below


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