no days are exactly the same, nothing is EXACTLY the same……

Today I stopped and just let my mind go, the millions of different thoughts that floated in my brain, the countless questions that arise, which I knew will neva all be answered…. But life is a extremely strange thing, we seek answers but life just throws us deeper and more questions just follow…….

Nothing in life is the same, identical twins are not totally identical, even a square you draw twice will never be exactly the same, no two days are the same….Often in life we take many things for granted, we assume so much things, we assume it will be the same tomorrow, we assume people will always be there, we assume we will get the time to do it tomorrow. But the truth is, nothing in life is certain or 100% guaranteed, There will always be things in life that are out of our own control.

I attended a friend’s mum’s funeral today, it broke my heart to see my friend go through all the pain and it really makes you think, life is so unpredictable, the things we take for guaranteed can just one day slip out of our life, maybe in a day, maybe in a few hours, or even a few seconds. But the result can be devastating, it can turn our world upside down and shatter it forever….There is always that one big problem in life though, we don’t realise how much a person means to us until we have lost it, this is always the case..we as humans HAVE to make the mistake before we really learn!! I think this is a fault in most of us that has developed as we have grown up from a child to adult. It’s just like we have learnt to make assumptions; we are programmed to make assumptions everyday which subsequently ensures that life is made a tad easier………..

I guess this has just reminded me if you want to do something do it straight away, there is no time like the present, because you don’t know what will happen in a few minutes or even seconds time. The world is constantly changing around us, whether we like it or not. Once that time goes by it will never return, once again nothing is ever EXACTLY the same


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