Paris was Awesome!!

I had a fabulous time in paris, I did not want to leave on the last day =( Had so much fun
just hanging out with friends, sightseeing, eating, shopping....
I did most of the stuff I planned to do and more....

I went to the Eiffel Tower, went all the way to the top it was a beautiful view from that high up could see quite a lot of france. I must say most of their buildings were white but the architecture was amazing.

I also went on the night time cruise and got to see famous landmarks at night and i was mesmerized by it all. Very relaxing and calming cruise and view. But I must admit it seems like paris at night has much more people compared to london. Below are some pictures!

I totally understand why many people say that paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world. The people seem to be more open and more willing to show affections to each other. Why I chose to say this, is because I saw many couples openly kissing, hugging, cuddling each other, compared to london. Which I found very sweet and nice.

This has been one of my most memorable and best holiday so far, I really, truly enjoyed it and personally would give this holiday a 9 out of 10

This holiday has changed something inside of me, immensely, I won’t be the same again, the feeling, the experience, the impact. I have developed feelings which should not have been developed. Just being around people and being away has made a strange difference within me…………

I would recommend paris to everyone!!!!


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