With hope, passion and determination comes result and success!!!

Sometimes I have to remind myself I’m still human there are times when I will loose hope,  loose my direction…I will fall but then I would stop for a minute, calm down and think…..Collect and re-organise my thoughts, life can never be totally clear and without obstacles, but with hope, passion and determination I can stand up and walk, anything and everything is possible.

I was watching Euro 2008 tonight and wow was I amazed, with hope, passion and determination Turkey performed mircles, they were 2 goals down and with just about 15minutes left they changed their fate, by scoring 3 goals and winning the match but most importantly staying in the competition. I thought to myself that spirit and determination is worth learning from…..I’m very glad they went through 😀 So remember with hope, passion and determinatin we will be able to do most thing and succeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Recently I have been trying to focus on my priories and usng my time more efficiently, I personally think it is the MOST important and precious thing in the world, at this moment in time once time is gone it will not come back, so does that not mean that we should try to use our time more wisely…Well I have, I have been trying to spend more time with my nan, family,friends and boyfriend…To me those are the main things in my life, in the future I dont want to be thinking “I SHouLd have spent more time with them”…….. Because there is NO ” should have, would have, could have, if only”  Those are just words for regret!!!!!!!!!!!

I think no matter how busy you are, everyday you should spend a few minutes at the end of the day to get some “me” time and just think of what you need to do, what is important in your life……………



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