Follow your heart? Or Follow your brain?

There is often conflict within myself, do I follow what my heart feels or do I follow the logic of my brain??? Feelings or Logic??!! Emotions or Reasoning?! Is there really a difference??? I personally think that most of the time there is!!! I also tend to follow my brain… But now come to think about it our heart senses love more, which is one of the most powerfulest thing in the world at the end of the day right?!?

So should I follow my heart more?? I find that when I follow my heart I get the sense that I may be doing something that seems foolish or “strange” to other people….But this may be the “special” thing about following my heart, because does it really matter what other people think? For example the heart allows us to fall in love, and love is something that can never be fully explained, when we fall truly in love all logic and everything falls out the window….We become a child again, where there is no fear, everything is so magical, and exciting, we dont care what the world thinks………

Do you follow your heart more, or do you follow your brain more???  bet I got you thinking now =)

I think I follow my brain more because following my heart would mean that I make myself vulnerable to getting hurt, it allows for fear to hit me…….But now that I have sat down and given it some thought, everyone has fear, we cant live life constantly in a bubble, afraid that every step we take we may get hurt….We have already unconsciously mastered the ability in some areas to lower our barriers of fear and hurt, if you think about it there are so many danger in our life from the moment we get out of bed, to going to work, to go to the shop, basically everything; there is danger all around us, every minute and every second of the day there can be danger but we have lowered our defence mechanism in order to allow us to live our everyday life. So maybe its time I lower my defence a bit and follow my heart more… I will give it a try and tell you how it goes………….


6 Responses to “Follow your heart? Or Follow your brain?”

  1. memoandmyself Says:

    hum…tough one. I think it depends when. I know I follow my brain most of the time so far but lately I found myself making decisions that appeal more to my heart…but then again…it really depends…when it’s about school and stuff…I guess I follow my brain..cause I do what’s supposed to be done. But in my life in general I like to think I follow my heart…at least I try to live my dreams…when I can afford them 🙂

  2. Why not find the perfect balance?

  3. vixstar1314 Says:

    sometimes in life its hard to keep a perfect balance, but i guess like the other comment suggest it does depend on the situation sometimes…
    Thanks for leaving replies guys 😀
    much appreciated

  4. infinity4me Says:

    If you had never felt fear before, would you be questioning whether or not to follow your heart? The fears we have come from the brain. It’s a conditioned response we’ve learned from painful past experiences. Naturally, we don’t want to go through ‘that’ again… our brain reminds us… as our hearts are yelling, “yes, yes, fall in love!” Our hearts will always want to be open… our brains, on the other hand, will do everything to stop it. So.. you decide.. who wins? 😉

  5. Heart. All the way. Good and bad.

    If following your brain, you run the risk of making life altering decisions that your heart will never truly be in to. Not having a passion for what you’re doing, whether it be job/school related, familial, or relationship wise…it’s just not worth your time.

    My $0.02

  6. I loved this blog it’s so amazing. I think that there is a perfect time to follow your heart and you will know when the time comes. Your brain is just trying to keep you from getting hurt because It thinks about the past and what could happen in the present. YOur heart just thinks about things it is passionate and it is always open so it is easy to fall in love. Our heart just looks for that confort zone that makes us feel special and that makes our hearts beat fast and slow at the same time.

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