Disaster in Burma and China…….Can Time Really Heal All??!

It is a well known phrase:”time heals all wounds” but how true is it??!

Some time ago I did really believe that time will in fact heal all, but I have recently reached the conclusion that it does not…Well like most things in life there are always two sides to it… Yes I believe that time can heal some things, but not completely, we are always left with the scars to remind us, the memories that haunt us, deep down we know that our wounds can never “totally” heal. Time passes and it gets more bare able or fades away but it will always exist because we have experienced it and it has had a emotional impact on us….

Take for example the recent events in and around the world…

Firstly that of the crisis in Burma on 2nd May 2008, the cyclone hit Burma and it has been estimated to have claimed 10,000 people however this total is properly not the actual numbers, as its still expected to go higher as time goes by…. The cyclone has not only taken away people’s houses, families, farms but also shattered their life….. The lost is much greater than 10,000 because in life there is a “chain reaction” people are linked to each other….So the lost of lives will have a massive impact on community, families, friends……. Also it has caused even more problems like worsen the country’s situation, before Burma was already a country that suffered very high poverty levels now this has just made it many times worse;whole families and generation killed in a few minutes, homes crushed, infrastructures destroyed to the ground, and the lack of help from government has not helped the situation…..Havent this country suffered enough as it is already……..

In the past few days another disaster has struck the world, this time in China. It’s hard to believe that only a few seconds can destroy so much. But no matter how hard it is to believe, it is true, the evidences shown on tv, online, just shows how horrific it all is, I cannot begin to imagine the pain the  people are going through. 22069 lives lost within just a few days, and the number is expected to rise even more….From the moment a disaster strike and it leaves, its hard at the precise moment, but it gets even difficult after; the process of healing, rebuilding their life…Physical wounds can heal but how can the emotional wounds ever heal from a tragedy like this, how can they recover from seeing their community shattering all around them? how can their wounds heal from the lost of a love one?

Well it will never be the same, they will never heal from such wounds but people have powers that they themselves underestimate; it’s the ability to experience and move on, this can take a very long time, but most can pick themselves up and walk again…Even though it will never be the same, and their wounds will not fully heal but we learn to survive, because at the end of the day it will make us stronger!

I know that we cant make their pain and lost go away but we can help them in other ways, such as donating a little bit of money its true “every little helps”, it will help make it a little less harder for them to re-build their homes, life and community. Just think you don’t “need” to buy that new pair of shoe, game, dvd etc….or you can just cut back this week( which is what I have decided to do, the money I have saved is not a lot but I believe that me donating the money will go to good use) you can donate a little bit of your money to those who “really really do need it” and it will “change” their life…..



I just hope that all those people affected will one day be able to stand up again and continue living, the way their loved ones would have wanted them to…And may all those who lost their life RIP and that we will always remember these events, think of them and learn from it. To love and treasure life!

And thank you for reading my thoughts/blogs and if you do donate money, Thank you!


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