My Tribute To Mark Speight

  I used to watch Mark on Smart Art and I guess that’s where most people know him from…In my eyes he  was a bubbly, talented, funny and interesting presenter and artist on the programme…..He made the show very interesting and I did learn quite a lot from him…

     But so much can change in a short period, Mark was engaged to his fiancee Natasha Collins,

they met during the children programme see it saw it  and fell in love!!!!


     However in Jan 2008 he found her body in the bath tub of their home, she had been taking drugs and sleeping pills…This shattered his heart and turned his life upside down, his love for her was so deep, I dont think he could imagine living the rest of his life without her, so soon after he commited sucide on 13th April 2008 near Paddington Station….=(

    This is a sad time for many, especially their family, but also for us viewers because its a talented guy gone…..I will miss him…….I can sort of understand why he did what he did, but the affect on his family and friends would be terrible….so my thoughts go out to them…….

  I will always remember him as the great guy on smart art. He was on that programe from 1994-2008 and it would never be the same again…..

Below are a mix of pictures of happier times…May both of them R.I.P                                                                I believe that at least now they can be together.


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