The world of gaming is a huge industry….I think that 8/10 kids nowadays has at least one game( which I reckon is a under statement), and then there are teenagers and adults….The industry makes millions each year…. There are now so many consoles; xbox, DS, psp, ps3, wii……and with that comes lots of games!!! are kids today spending too much time on gaming?? This is often asked!!! Well that is a general thing because it may not apply to all kids…

And I admit I spend many hours playing games, instead of revising or doing other stuff…..

But why is gaming so popular??

Well the simplest answer is of course “Fun”……but like most things in life it is never that simple……. When people play games they get absorbed into another world, one that “they control” most of the time, it gives us the power, which sometimes kids/ or even adults feel they lack in reality…. It is also entertaining, relaxing, and yes you can learn skills from it….parents tend to think games are just a waste of time, or they let their kids play a few hours after homework..but has it come to their attention that their kids may by learning new skills….such as solving problems and now like wii becoming more active…..

Different people view gaming different….whether you like it or not I’m quite sure that games and consoles will not become extinct anytime soon…and it will keep evolving and improving, below is some pictures of the life of consoles over time…….

Some of games characters have grew up along side kids, I remember playing mario and street fighter when I was a kid and a few years forward I have grown up but I am still playing them, all that has changed is of course my age and the quality and graphic of them….The characters themselves aint changed but they have been on earth for longer now…..Take Mario for instead he got him first game title in 1983 that is even before I was born, but he aint aged at all on the screen…lol…if only that was the same for humans..hahaaa

Below are some pictures of my fav game characters


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