It’s been a long time……….

It has been a long time, since i wrote in my blog page!! And I feel a bit bad about not writing it in everyday…my excuse is been some what busy!! Which is not a really strong one…lolz

I have been trying to cram everything in, there is uni, going out with bf, hanging out with friends, revision, sleep, clubbing, preparing for my theory test( going to do a post on that later), watching tv/series, breathing… HAHAAA!!!


It is something which we take for granted, it is something that would never come back once it’s passed.. As R-Kelly once sang ” Turn back the hands of time”, dont we all wish that was possible!! I personally think that in the future, that would be possible, because people thought that mobile phones would never exist and work, and look at it today==> nearly everyone has one!! But I dont think this will happen anytime soon ( I would probability been long gone when people can turn back the hands of time) But if someone happens to be reading this in the year lets say 3000 Bring me back to life…lol

Anyways onto a  serious note… Everything in life depends on time if we think about it, time we wake up, time we use to connect with each other, time we use to write blogs, time we use to work…….. Time is something that we would all want to be able to control…I remember when I was young there use to be a kid’s programme called “Bernard’s Watch” if you’ve never seen it, it’s about boy who finds a watch and can stop and resume time, and he solves lots of problems with it… When I was small I always wished that this was true!! lol…life was so easy when you was small…hehehehee

The Greatest power on earth is “time”, one second can make a huge different; it could mean life or death, right or wrong, win or loose….So lets all treasure the time we have!! ^_^ 


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