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I’ve recently entered into the world of “Ebay” lol However I have bought lots of stuff online( books, toys, computer equipment, camera….) before but not from ebay….. I must say luckily for me, majority of times I have bought online has been pleasant,(hope I dont jinx it) which means the items were good, delivery were successful, price were reasonable. Only once out of the tons of times I have done online shopping did my items not come, however the website that I bought from investigated it promptly and found that royal mail had lost it. So they sent out the same items to me again and rather quickly too. However I’m not saying that everyone has great experience with online shopping, but if you buy from a reliable, well known site, with good reviews then you are likely to have a good experience of online shopping…..

This Post is here to help you weigh out the good and bad of online shopping ideally for those of you who have never done online shopping or have wondered about online shopping, or for any one that just wanna read a blog about online shopping




1) Don’t have to stand in queues, and you can sit at the comfort of your own home.

2) Can search for items worldwide, find things that are not sold in this country.

3)complete your collection that you always wanted to but could not find the last piece. With a click of a mouse now you can search for it in tons of different places.( I have recently completed my collection of these wonderful dog statue with the help of ebay =) I managed to find the last 3..wohooo)

4) reasonable pricing or sometimes much cheaper because they dont have to pay rent for a shop floor to sell goods, dont have to employ tons of staff so you benefit in cheaper prices.

5) Relatively safe.( Having said that though don’t buy from sites that you don’t trust)

Payment is now made much more safer if you use paypal because your credit card details are not given out on the website your buying from. And paypal does not take that  long to set up and you can use it to pay for things on many sites nowadays such as on ebay, amazon etc….

6) Basically open 24hours a day 7 days a week..lolz



1) Have to wait for it  to come to you, might be a lag in delivery times, but most sites give you the option of picking a more faster but expensive delivery option.

2) lack of service, so if your someone who likes to talk to people while your at the till or something then online shopping does not give you this.

3) there is still a risk of fraud, when you shop online

4) The product you got did not meet your expectation, then there is the troublesome issue of sending it back

5) The probability of postal strikes( especially in uk)

So overall like most things in life there are two side to the coin, it really depends on you…Personally I’m still quite happy with online shopping and I hope that does not change….Many people are now doing online shopping, the number has been increasing for a few years…. People tend to do online shopping at busy times in the year such as Christmas, to avoid the busy streets, crowded public transport, the cold and the rain……and yes I am one of them…However I dont think I will ever totally give up “normal” shopping, because there are times when you just want to go to shops to browse around, shop with friends, see things you was not looking for and then buying it….


~Hope this post was able to help some people

Remember when your shopping online:

*Make sure its a reliable/well known site/ a friend recommended it to you and they have used it before.

* Don’t give out your personal/credit card details if your not sure or you have a bad feeling about it. Best to have a paypal account to pay for things.



I’m sure or at least hope most people have heard of Ebay even if you have not bought or sold stuff on it, you have heard of its existence. if not where have you been for the last 10 or more years…lolz

Anyways it’s a site that is known worldwide, where people can bid, buy, sell lots of different things online, partically all around the world. There popular slogan is :What ever it is, you can get it on eBay. which is almost true..lolz seriously you would think no one will sell “this” (just a example of some sort)on ebay and you search it and it would be there, you can sell gifts that you won’t use because somewhere out there( maybe even across the atlantic) someone is looking to buy it….. As I sai before I recently made a ebay account, and have bought several things already, and I’m planning on selling stuff too so I will let you know how that goes. But the very good thing about Ebay is that it lets you review your seller and at the same time the seller gets to review you, so there is feedbacks which people can see, this will help you and other people get a clearer ideal of what kind of seller or buyer you are dealing with. Which can give you more confidence and better knowledge when you buy or sell. I think I would be able to send hours upon hous on ebay site because there is just so much to explore, and there is so much that you can buy from different countries, and of course the endless range of items….. And I can honestly say when I win a bid it gives me a buzz ^_^

Well this is about all I’m going to say about online buying for now, I think you have read enough =)


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