woke up quite late today, at around 1! had brunch, then watched home and away at 2.15, I’m quite a big fan of home and away, have been watching it continuously for quite a few years ^_^ virtually become part of my life, and a addiction…One day soon, I’m going to do a long long page about it 😀 that’s a promise!!!!

Anyways I managed to do a tad of revision, fingers cross I will be motivated to do more tomorrow!!!!

I met up with a few friends in the evening to grab a bite and have coffee…sound so mature, lol but it really was not.. We chatted, gossip, joked around just hang out basically!!! And then one of them said wonder what we would be doing in 10 years time……… thats the BIG question…lol I said we would prob be sitting at some place chatting..HAHAaa


It’s nice to have friends who you really connect with and they really get you and at the same time you really get them!! You don’t have to be the same, could be completely different people but it all just clicks 😀


I’m the type of person who gets on well with majority of people, but have a hand full of really close friends, who I treasure a lot…I have 6 really close great friends I prefer that to lots of “friends”…. To me, my friends are a big part of my life, without my friends my life would not be complete! A few of my really close friends I have known for about 11 years, which I think is really amazing and a achievement…God chooses our family for us, but we kind of pick our friends however sometimes our friends are so close to us that they  become our family too!!!


#friends in a few different languages:

Ami (French)


Amico (Italian)

Amigo(Portuguese and Spanish)

朋友 (Cantonese)

My definition of a true friend is someone who:

-Is always there for you no matter what

-you trust and they trust you

-Understands you

-Special Bond

-Likes you for who you are and would have it no other way

-Makes you feel happy

-You feel totally comfortable around, and can be truly yourself

-Someone you cant live without


And not surprisingly, I’m a huge fan of comedy series “Friends” even though it has ended a while back, i still enjoy watching it from time to time, and I’m sure so does many people. =)


I’m planning on watching Step up 2! So depending on how that goes I might write a small post on it!!!

Right I’m off now!!! Ciao



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