The Past

I bumped into a old friend a few days ago, we exchanged numbers. We went to junior school together but was not very close. However yesterday he called me, and we ended up speaking on the phone for over 2 hours. I dont tend to have a conversation over the  phone for that long, but it was good to just chat, and it felt like we had never lost contact, it was strange but in a good way.
The past is something that we can no longer alter, but it is something that we should not really forget because many things in our past help shape the person we are today. There are somethings in the past that all of us would like to forget and wipe away, but there are also stuff in the past that we will cherish forever.
Personally I think when I look into my past, most of it are good experiences, there are not many things I regret, but I am still human and we all make mistakes so there are some stuff that have not been great! The phrase ” learn from your mistakes” may sound so simple, but I’m quite sure that most of us say we will but we dont, only time we do is when things go REALLY really bad and affects us immensly that we end up learning from it. In  my life I have not come across such situation so I can say my past has not been too extreme! How was your past? Has it shaped you? Did you learn from it? In my eyes everyone has a story of their own, some have a rollercoaster life, others have a carousel life, or a train journey life(somewhat straight forward) but at the end of the day everyone’s life story is unique and special in it’s own way…….

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