Re-focuing My Perspective

It’s been a little while since I have written my blog, sorry been a bit preoccupied.. but last night while I was laying in bed, listening to the windy-ness outside, i decided to do some thinking!! Yes if you have read some of my blog you would realise i do quite a bit of random

I suddenly  felt thankful for my life, everyday that I’m alive is already worth celebrating, yes there may be people out there that are much more better off than me but at the same time there are lots that are worse off.. And I feel quite lucky with my life at this precise moment in time. And I would want to  help others that need my help and time. If people helped each other more, than the world would be a much better place. Life is too valuable to waste on the past, things that I can no longer change, negative things, regrets and guilts(which is a wasted emotion in a lifetime that is so short)

Life is full of uncertainty and it is really like a rollercoaster, full of ups and downs, this is what shapes us as people, without all this we will not learn…..

I’m going to remind myself of this every morning… which will make me treasure the day I have ahead!! ^_^


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