We are leaving February Soon……..

Yup time flies, February is nearly over and March will be upon us in a few hours!!!

Wow I have been writing a blog for about a month, cool, I’m determined to keep writing, it’s a great way to see what was happening a month ago in my life and what I was thinking of at that precise moment..

Well today after my lecture I travelled home ain’t been back for like a few weeks… the train journey was quite long but listening to music makes you forget because like most people I get totally absorbed into the music too!!! =) When I got home, i unpacked all my stuff then went out to meet up with a friend to catch up and get my friday “hit” of caffeine…lol So that was cool, just chatting and catching up on gossips. However I still have not told any of my friends I have a bf…lol.. i prefer to keep that quiet for a little while so there is no pressure on us, and who knows what will happen……

Anyways I got a feeling I will be up till early hours again today, and the cappuccino will make that happen for sure…ahh well, i will just play games online!!!

After this week I will have to start revision, got so much to do for final exams, totally dreading it ARGHHH!!! But the thing is I think I prefer education to work life because you get more free time, late starts, less stress,more time to go clubbing, hang out with friends!! But I guess everyone has to grow up at some points!!!

As said “Time goes in a blink of a eye, time flies, time is precious and you can never turn back time” (well not yet, I’m pretty sure in the future they will be some invention that can, because if you look at it, centuries ago they did not believe that there will be stuff like mobile phones or aeroplanes, and look at us now with all these modern technology) So I truly believe in the future people will be able to turn back time, but will we here to see it? well we would if they go back to “our” time…HAHaahaa!!!! But for time, value every second of the day, live with no regrets!!!!!! ^_^


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