Actions, Consequences and Affects

This week in the news, there have been too many shocking, hurtful crimes.  I feel very disgusted by it all. I really can’t bring myself to understand why people intentionally hurt others.

First there was the Ipswich murder, then the guy who murdered Sally Anne, then the bouncer who stalked women at bus stops and killed them, now there is the one about the abuse in the orphan home years ago… All this in just one week. Many have questioned whether or not we should bring back the death penalty. I personally don’t think that’s a good idea, because I think those who commit these crimes should serve life in prison so that one day they might see what they did wrong, and the suffering that they caused to those people’s family and friends. Because I think in prison they will have much more time to reflect on what they did and the eternity of pain they have inflicted…if the death penalty was here they may just suffer for a few seconds in this life and then it would be all over… And also i don’t think we have the right to take away someones life….but i can understand why some of the victim’s family want the death penalty back because they see it as a life for a life…However there is also the issue of what if the death penalty was used then a few years down the line they found out that that person was innocent, then it would be too late.

Some people nowadays don’t see life as worth anything; like I was just watching Dispatch Why Kids Kill! Some teenagers/ people just don’t think of the consequences of their actions, the affects it will have on others, or even the results it would have on their own family. They stab, shoot, kill someone, yes it may give them a buzz for a few seconds, or make them seem cool amongst their fellow gang members, or they may have got revenge…. but do they think

“what happens after that?”

“who will this affect”

if only they stopped for a few seconds and thought of the consequences of their actions it would all be different.. Right and wrong is only a split seconds away……

Once you take the life of another there is no going back, it is not just that life that you shattered, it’s your own(spending the rest of your life behind bars, the guilt), your family and friends( they have to live with the fact that you won’t be there with them because your behind bars for killing another human being), your victim’s family and friends (the pain and agony of loosing a loved one forever) and the community as a whole…Life is far to precious to just be destroyed in a split second.

People should aways think of the consequences of their actions!!!!!!!


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