While I was being put on hold on the phone, as I’m sure everyone has experienced way too many times, the boredom gets to you… And my mind starts wondering……

Do you ever think about how much we as people “wait” in life?!

We wait for : the bus, tube, in queues, on the phone, at the bank, people, for the laptop to start up,text, phone calls ………the list is endless. Then there are the things we wait for subconsciously such as the “right person”, the ideal job, the “rite moment”, the day we will be free……so on once again.

From a very young age we are conditioned to wait ( for food, attention..) as we grow up this does not change and in the end we end up “getting used to it” this is because most of the time we feel as if it’s something out of our control, and all we can do is wait to it, works itself out….But has it ever struck you that life is too short for us to spend that much time waiting?!?!

Bet I got you thinking now…….

Lets try and change this so we don’t have to wait that much anymore, find ways to over come this, just by putting more effort and thought into things, we can cut down the amount of time we wait!! 

Like instead of waiting for that phone call, make the phone call yourself, or instead of waiting for the bus for ages, find out what time the bus tends to come so when you get to the bus stop the bus will come soon after, for other stuff like bank and shopping queues, try to go during times when it ain’t that packed!!!! If it is something that you HAVE to wait for then try to do something useful, and relaxing while you wait. Then you will realise how much extra time you have, and how you become less frustrated……

Don’t wait for it, do something about it!!!!!!


3 Responses to “Waiting!!!”

  1. Good post.., dude

  2. Nice post! You really got me thinking 🙂
    I try doing somthign when I am waitintg too….but not always…you are right…we can save a lot of time by doing somehitng meanigful while waiting 🙂
    Thanks for the post!

  3. vixstar1314 Says:

    heheee…Glad my post is of use to some people other than myself ^_^

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