Just Another Day



This week has been quite hectic, with exams >.< I have been buried under my textbooks…lolz but my last exam was yesterday…so wohoo no more for a few months, now the other worse bit is waiting for the results…The exam i had yesterday was maths, the first question i attempted was proving to be tricky, so i figured let me move onto the next question, which was more tricky,lol but i tried my best on that question. I had now cleared my mind of the 1st question, and was able to give it another go!!!! and suddenly it all just clicked and i was able to piece all the pieces of the puzzle together or in another word do the question…so relieved…. however I know i did not get all of question 2 right..but ah well its done now so can’t change it!! just can look towards the future…

After that I went to do a few hours of volunteer work, one day when i can b bother I will write a page on that…

Around 6 I met up with some friends and went to have a few drinks to un-“wine” and chill out from the long week, and yesh u guessed it i did have a glass of red wine and some other alcohol too, such as WKD and barcadi breezer 😀

Today I’m just planning on having a relaxing saturday at home, and not doing anything in particular, just going to watch some films, play some games, watch tv and eat!!!

Right im off…


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