Life is a weird thing, there are days when it is great, then there are days when it’s terrible, ordinary, or happy, or fun etc… Have you ever noticed in one day, 24hours, you experience so many different emotions, and sometimes you dont even realise, it’s just a innate thing within us that we can’t really control.Today I experience mainly confusion and anger! The feeling of not knowing really gets to me, and after a while that builds up into anger! There are times when it builds into fear, excitement, wonders…. But in today’s case it was anger….However don’t worry I’m no longer angry anymore.. I have decided that everyday i will unload unhappiness, things worth sharing, bits and bobs and weights from my shoulder onto the blog… then go to sleep with a clear mind, and wake up refresh and a ready to start a new page in life!!As people say ” next day will be better”

New morning, new sunrise, new start to the day…i personally think sunrise is the nicest thing during the day, and one of the best things in nature!!



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